Bureau Services

Introducing EnrolPay for Payroll Bureaux.

Bureau Services have access to our full Payroll and Auto Enrolment solution, but with the addition of an Administration Console from which to log in to each of your client portals and a dedicated support area for resolving any issues you may have.

Market Research indicated one of the biggest detractors for Accountants and Payroll Bureaux is not knowing what their software is really going to cost. To that end our pricing structure is simple and fixed.

There are NO hidden costs or maintenance fees meaning you can accurately map your own service plan.

See our payroll and auto enrolment sections for further details on the services you can provide. For more information please call Janice Beck on 01563 822 044.

Key Features:

  • No Maintenance Costs
  • Cloud Based
  • Comprehensive, Admin Single Sign On and Support Console
  • RTI Checks ensure FPS submission has been made before processing the next period
  • Tailored Functionality - payroll functions include auto-enrolment
  • Third Party Liaison - electronic data interchange with Scottish Widows, NOW Pensions and NEST
  • Compile New Joiner and Contributions files for ~30 Pension Providers
  • Continuous Agile Development means the software continues to adapt and improve
  • Instant, Validated Submissions to HMRC including FPS, EPS and EYU
  • API Integrations with Workday, eStart, Sage, TempOrganiser...
  • Data Security - all data protected by SSL Technology
  • Immediate Returns - no upfront costs

Please call Janice Beck on 01563 822 044 to obtain a full rundown on the functionality or to arrange an on-line demonstration.

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