Auto Enrolment

EnrolPay is a fully automated solution which takes the burden and stress of unnecessary administration away from employers, letting you focus on 'business-as-usual'. Our tried and tested technology enables companies to fulfil their duties with ease. Once registered we will remind you by e-mail of actions to be taken and where possible carry out these processes automatically for you.

The only decision you have to make is which pension you will provide for your employees. We currently cater for around 30 different providers and are continually adding to that list. If you haven't already done so, we recommend speaking to an independent financial advisor to make sure you choose the pension plan that best fits your business needs.

Our Auto Enrolment module can help you with the following:

  • Selecting the correct Pay Reference Period, Staging Date and Qualifying Earnings payable in that period
  • Classify your employees into Eligible Jobholders, Non Eligible Jobholders and Entitled Workers
  • Select the most advantageous Deferral Period
  • Handle auto-enrolment communications with your employees through 'MyAccess'
  • Monitor opt-in Notice during the Deferral Period
  • Continually assess workforce on and after your staging/staging deferral date and enrol workforce as and when appropriate
  • Monitor opt-out Period
  • Manage refunds where necessary
  • Ensure regulatory compliance. In case of dispute, our audit logs and decision trees can be provided to the Pensions Regulator in evidence, to support your case.
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Please call Janice Beck on 01563 822 044 to obtain a full rundown on the functionality or to arrange an on-line demonstration.

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